Jill Riley

"Went like clock work." 

Jim Grendahl

"David knows his stuff, and was very thorough by taking pictures and explaining his recommendations!"

Jim Grendahl

"A big thanks from myself and [my tenant] for your excellent service in getting that furnace back on line so quickly and over a holiday."


Joan Cazinha

"David was very efficient, professional, and knowledgeable."

Joanne Steele

"David was very polite and seemed quite knowledgeable."

Karren Clark

"Just wanted to thank you verrrrrry, verrrrry much for sending a technician over to check out my a/c....he is a gentleman to the definition of the word.  Don't know how long he's been with Choice a/c, but he certainly is an 'assest' to the company. I definitely will recommend Choice to anyone here who would asks for an a/c recommendation."


Meg Rother-Gossmann

"I just want to say thanks for the great install.  It is so nice not having to wear sweats to bed with a comforter and two blankets on top just to stay warm.  Your company is the best."


Mercedes Flores

"I just want to thank the entire team over at Choice for the wonderful job you all did for us. I called Wayne at 2:30 pm on Friday and explained that the AC had stopped working over at my rental. He was so great about getting a technician out to us before 5:00 pm so we wouldn't have to pay over-time. Larry, the technician, was so friendly and quick! He figured out the problem, found the part we needed, and had it installed. We had AC up and running within a few hours. Thank you so much. Your team's quick response and hard work saved me from having to pay out extra money to repair the AC unit and saved me from having to put my tenant up for the night in a hotel until the AC was fixed. I was very impressed with the high level of customer service we received and I will be sure to recommend you in the future. Thank you so much!"


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