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Would you ever think of driving your car and never changing the oil? How about buying a plant and never watering it? What would happen to the things you care about most if you didn’t take care of them on a regular basis? In these cases your engine could freeze up and ruin your car, and your plant would die. That would cause uneeded costs to you to replace them. What about the thing that keeps us cool during the unbarably hot Arizona summers?

You can also maintain your air conditionioner, as well as your heater, the same way you do your car or plants by being a CHOICE member. Choice is a Tucson air conditioning service company that puts their customers first. By becoming a Platinum, Gold, or Silver member you can experience our Choice service.


The Benefits of Membership


  • First CHOICE Service: You will get priority service as a CHOICE Club member. Many people require Tucson air conditioning repair during the summer months, and Tucson furnace repair during winter months. Joining our club puts you at the front of the line for Tucson AC repair.
  • Replacement Discount: You will receive a credit equaling your total membership investment, up to 5%, up to one year, on a replacement unit.
  • Annual Service Check: You will receive an annual servicing of your equipment.
  • CHOICE Warranty: All repairs will receive a lifetime warranty, as long as you stay current on your membership. If you cancel your membership, the warranty reverts back to 1 year from repair. (This does not include compressors, heat exchangers, coils, condensers, or any damage caused by tenant abuse or neglect)
  • Replacement Guarantee: If your system breaks down, and you are in need of a new system, we will replace it for you the very next business day.
  • Choice Technicians: We pride ourselves in the honesty and integrity, as well as the capability of our technicians for AC repair “Tucson”. All of our technicians are drug free and background checked for your peace of mind.
  • Low Monthly Payment Plan with No Financing Charges: The monthly payments are posted on the 10th or the 25th of every month, based on when you start your membership.
  • No Contract: There is no risk because there is no contract. You can cancel at any time.
  • Relaxation: You can relax knowing that you have an honest and reliable company to call EVERY time that you need your unit serviced.
  • Price Protection: You are guaranteed that your monthly rate will stay the same for the lifetime of your membership, as long as your membership stays active.
  • Transferable: If you move within our service area, we can transfer your membership. We will also allow the new family that buys your old home the option to continue your membership at the same monthly rate.
  • Lower Repair Bills: A dirty system usually costs a minimum of $500.00 in extra repair costs over a maintained air conditioning system in the first 5 years.
  • Lower Usage Cost: Every .01” of dirt on an evaporator coil can increase operating costs by 5%.
  • Higher Efficiency: A buildup of .042” of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%. Choice is number one in furnace repair Tucson. We have high efficieny furnaces as well as air conditioners for all residencial applications.
  • Better Health: A cleaner system makes a healthier home, getting rid of allergens and helping with asthma.
  • Longer System Life: Properly maintaining your system can vastly improve the longevity of the unit, and help it to run at peak performance.
  • Special Note: Refer someone who signs up, and get two months of your monthly dues for free.
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