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The Affinity Series is the premier York line of residential central air conditioning units. Affinity Air Conditioners are engineered from the ground up and molded by modern design aesthetics. All Affinity Air Conditioners deliver energy-efficient performance, reduced noise and constant comfort.  

Affinity models can provide up to double the efficiency of older models. The more efficient the system, the less energy it uses, which results in lower costs for you. affinity models surpass the federal government’s 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) with models that achieve up to an 18 SEER.  



Comfortable, efficient and quiet —that’s what you want in any heating and cooling system. But the secret to affordable, year-round comfort is a unit designed for your climate and your specific needs. With a York Unit, that’s what you get — a quality system that delivers the performance your application demands day after day. It’s efficient dependable performance that’s also exceptionally quiet, so it’s a perfect solution for schools and other noise-conscious spaces. 






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