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Tucson solar is now easy and affordable.  We bring Kyocera’s new MyGen™ System as Tucson’s new solar power providor.

The MyGen™ Systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings and are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications. The easy to install Systems are compatible with a wide variety of roof types and materials. MyGen Systems feature solar modules integrated into arrays that can be sized to meet a wide range of power requirements for maximum flexibility. MyGen Systems include all the components necessary for a complete installation.

Kyocera Solar has developed the pre-engineered MyGen System to provide you everything you need to generate your own electricity. Kyocera’s grid-connected Systems are installed on the roofs of grid-connected homes and buildings across North America as well as Latin America and the Caribbean, producing electricity for thousands of homes and buildings and creating surplus energy that is sold back to the utility companies.

Features And Benefits


  • 4 Residential Packages (2520-7560 STC)
  • 3 Lite Commercial Packages (5040-15120 STC)
  • All Packages Use Kyocera’s Flagship Module (KD210GX) For Best Performance
  • Pre-engineered, Optimized, And Modular to Meet 2008 NEC Codes And Requirements*
  • All Package Come With All Major PV System Components, Disconects And Grounding Equipment
  • Engineered for Temperatures Between -30°C AND 50°C
  • 1 Part Number Delivers A Complete System (Roofing Options Available)
  • 48-hour Turnaround After P.O. Confirmation
  • Easy Installation (Within 1-2 Days)
  • Permit Package Includes 1 And 3 Line Drawings, All Spec Sheets And Labels
  • Data Monitoring Included in Every Package With 1 Year Of Free Monitoring Included
  • FSEC Tested And Approved
  • UL Listed

*The MyGen Grid-Connected System must be installed by a licensed electrican and/or a licensed solar contractor.

The MyGen System’s quality components and detailed installation, operation and maintenance manual makes it easy for a licensed electrician and/or a licensed solar contractor to install. The systems are modular and fully expandable for future upgrades.  With as much sun as we get in Tucson, these are great additions for Tucson solar power.  That’s why CHOICE is the choice for Tucson solar.


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