American Standard

130 years of feeling right at home.

You’re probably familiar with the name. In the 1880s, we pioneered clean and affordable heating for the home. From the earliest cast-iron radiators to today’s highly efficient heating and cooling systems, the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning brand has been synonymous with home comfort.

The American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning family tree includes many of the most notable names in American manufacturing from the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s a history of mergers, breakthroughs and successes that continues into the 21st century. And it’s why even after 130 years, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning remains the name to trust.



Unmatched Quality and Reliability

From Charles Bryant’s early gas-fired boilers to today’s sophisticated home comfort systems, Bryant’s standard for quality has remained the same: dependable, worry-free comfort.

Bryant has built a tradition of reliable comfort by rigorously testing every product and system–even beyond what the heating and cooling industry requires.

Outside the lab, Bryant uses field trials to test product performance in real-world conditions. Tested products are installed by actual Bryant dealers in real applications, and Bryant engineers gather insights from the tests to continuously improve the products.


Ensuring Comfort and Peace of Mind, Everywhere Around the World

Across the globe and in virtually every facet of daily life, Carrier is there. We create comfortable environments, regardless of the climate. We safeguard the global food supply by preserving the quality and freshness of food and beverages. We ensure health and well-being by enabling the proper transport and delivery of vital medical supplies under exacting conditions. We provide solutions that maintain exceptional indoor air quality — controlling humidity, allergens and harmful pollutants. At every touch point with consumers and in every commercial undertaking we pursue, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that meet our customers’ diverse needs.

As a global citizen, we also recognize the vital importance of maintaining a responsible balance between the comfort we create today and the world we live in tomorrow. Carrier is an industry leader in energy efficiency, dedicated to creating environmentally sound products and solutions that fulfill our customers’ demands while preserving our precious natural resources.


 For more than 80 years, Daikin has designed and produced advanced, high quality cooling and hating equpment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We devote more resourcs to research and development than any of our competitors.  We are also the only company that makes every major component used in its systems.  This allows us to optimize every element.

With a global presence that sreches from Asia to Europe to South America, you can be assured that our products have been proven to perform in a multitude of climates.





LG Single Split AC designed for low-noise operation, it ensures a pleasant air conditioned environment. It also has Jet Cool for high level cooling and clean air supply through its NEO- Plasma air purifying system.




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